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Wash & Iron

Welcome to The Urban Laundry's Wash & Iron Services, where we take the hassle out of laundry day and ensure your clothes are not just clean but also perfectly pressed and wrinkle-free. Our commitment is to provide you with a seamless and convenient laundry experience, leaving you with more time to enjoy life's moments.


At Urban Laundry, we offer a streamlined process that combines advanced washing technology with expert ironing techniques to deliver impeccable results for your clothing:

Sorting and Pre-Treatment

We begin by carefully sorting your garments by color and fabric type. Stubborn stains are pre-treated with effective stain removal solutions to ensure they vanish completely.


Your clothes are laundered using state-of-the-art washing machines, specifically programmed for different fabric types and laundry needs. Our advanced detergents are tough on dirt but gentle on your clothes.


After washing, your garments are dried at the ideal temperature to prevent shrinkage and maintain fabric integrity. We pay special attention to delicate fabrics, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

Professional Ironing

Our skilled team members meticulously iron each garment, ensuring every crease and wrinkle is expertly smoothed out. Your clothes will come back to you looking crisp and fresh.

Quality Inspection

Before packaging, we conduct a thorough quality check to ensure your clothes meet our high standards. We take pride in delivering clothes that are not just clean but also well-pressed and ready to wear.


Your refreshed garments are then carefully packaged, and ready for pickup or delivery. We even use protective coverings to ensure they arrive wrinkle-free.


We care not only for your clothes but also for the environment. The Urban Laundry is committed to eco-friendly dry cleaning practices. We use greener solvents and energy-efficient machines to reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, we offer reusable garment bags to minimize plastic waste.
At The Urban Laundry, we believe that life is too short to be spent on laundry. Our Wash & Fold Services offer you the luxury of fresh, clean, and perfectly folded clothes without effort. Whether you're a busy professional, a parent on the go, or simply someone who values your time, our services are tailored to meet your needs. Experience the convenience and quality of The Urban Laundry's Wash & Fold Services today. Contact us to schedule a pickup or visit our location to discover the difference for yourself.

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